Policy and Plan:

My campaign will focus on four (4) main issues:

1. End The Wars: We are currently bombing (7) seven countries that never attacked us.

We are doing so without a "Declaration of War" from Congress, a direct "VIOLATION" of the U.S.Constitution! Congress has given away its "Delegated Constitutional Power" to the President. 

We are currently sending children to a war, one which they were born during, a first in our nation’s history. We will have been in a continuous state of warfare for 19+ years when the election is to be held. (11/3/20)

Bring our troops home to protect America! Stop trying to "Police" the entire world. I will advocate a NON-INTERVENTIONIST foreign policy position that our founding fathers espoused. (Thomas Jefferson) We should not be fighting other countries’ civil wars. Although, one could make the argument that our current foreign policy is the reason for their civil wars.     

2. End The War on Drugs:  Prohibition of alcohol did not work in the 1920's and early 30's. Why do we believe it works now? We as a country failed to learn the lesson history showed us. Prohibition only created dangerous black markets in the 1920's, fueling the Mob, Bootleggers, and Speak Easy's. With drugs comes the rise of Cartels, Traffickers, Mules and Underground Dealers that may or may not be on the up and up. It is long past time to remove cannabis from its Federal Schedule One status. Cannabis is less dangerous than the Opioids, a dangerous epidemic in our country, that are prescribed daily.

Ending the War on Drugs will free up police resources and allow them to focus on crimes with actual victims! Theft, fraud, assault, rape, and murder should be the focus of police in our neighborhoods. Why do we have a backlog of rape kits sitting on shelves nation wide, untested? There was an actual victim in those cases. I want police to chase criminals who create victims. I'm hopeful police feel the same way. 

The "War on Drugs" has killed more people than the drugs would have. Incarcerating many millions of people for possession. Creating unintended consequences such as fatherless homes, which is know factor in children going into lives of crime. Also creating a generation of people unable to re-assimilate into society because the stigma of a felony conviction. Help me end the insanity of this bad policy.

The 9 Interventions of Drug Policy:

The epidemic of substance abuse has been on a rising trajectory for quite some time. Our first step in reducing this trend is to reduce, and one day eliminate, the practice of prosecution and imprisonment for non-violent drug crimes. By treating addiction as a health concern rather than a criminal matter, we address the root of the problem and reduce the growing rates of recidivism and crime.

1) Fully decriminalize recreational cannabis. States will be able to set their own legal ages. This will allow people to use cannabis instead of harder drugs like heroin or Fentanyl. However, the growth, sale, or distribution should not require a license. Potency should still be on the label of THC and CBD products sold in retail outlets.

2) Any persons previously convicted of crimes related to marijuana or hemp, shall be allowed to participate in the emerging market.

3) End the war on vaping and treat it as a form of harm reduction. This will help us get people off of smoking cigarettes and onto a healthier options.

4) End federal prohibition era restrictions on alcohol. Let states and local governments experiment on optimal alcohol and tobacco policy without federal interference.

5) Promote drug education that is wholly rooted in fact, and created in combination with drug policy organizations including Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and Families for Sensible Drug Policy.

6) Allow medicinal psychedelics to be prescribed so that we allow traumatized individuals, including our brave men and women who served our country, to use it for PTSD treatment and depression.
7) We will end law enforcement subsidies and incentives to arrest or prosecute drug offenders.

8) Sunset the DEA and ATF. State and local government should be responsible for their drug laws so that we can have experimentation to find the best drug laws.

9) Expunge drug offenses from federal criminal records and vacate all peaceful drug convictions.

In Response to George Floyd's death:

WE can also do the following to ease the tensions between police and citizens.

- PARDON & RELEASE all non-violent offenders of victimless crimes such as drug use and sex work.
- REPEAL all laws for victimless crimes
- END qualified immunity for law enforcement
- END the failed war on drugs
- END militarization of police
- END civil asset forfeiture
- END mandatory minimum sentencing
- END the ATF and DEA

-Make police carry Liability insurance.

3. Stop the Spending: $28,000,000,000,000.00 in debt! (AND GROWING!!!)

That number is so high people can’t even imagine that much money! The federal government already spent your great-great grandchildren's earnings, (TAXES) before they are even born. This much debt puts a burden on future investments like infrastructure, which is desperately needed in America. We have to address this issue head on and pay down the debt by cutting spending on things that make no direct positive impact for us "WE THE PEOPLE". We send BILLIONS of your tax dollars around the world instead of investing that money in America.

I was a supporter of Rand Paul's "Pennies Plan". That bill failed to get out of the Republican held Senate. Even Republicans in the Senate are not willing to cut federal spending. They can no longer claim the "FISCAL CONSERVATIVE", "SMALL GOVERNMENT" badges. Remember that it's NOT government Money. It’s TAX PAYERS’ MONEY!   

4. Return to Consumer Driven Markets:  

Why is it that corporations are able to leverage their lobbyist to get their particular industry a tax credit or loophole to benefit them, or a taxpayer funded subsidy, or worse an outright bailout?

That is not how Consumer Driven Markets (aka Capitalism) are supposed to work. When government, thru legislation picks the winners and losers in the economy then consumers always pay a higher price. (see healthcare and the effect of guaranteed student loans on education) I want to return the economy to the consumers who should be driving the economy with their own needs, wants and most importantly value.  

Socialism is government control of the means of production. I don't understand why anyone would want more cronyism, more corruption, and  government to have more control over our lives. Here is an article that documents the past 24 countries to try it.

Other Policy positions:

Tax Relief with Impact: Why do the working poor and middle class give the government a "Zero interest loan", on taxes that will be returned to them in the following year?

            I would put legislation forward that would allow for the first $42,420.00 of an individual's income to be paid without federal taxes being taken. This helps the working poor and middle class by allowing them to keep the money they earn. Helping their financial and family life in an immediate and tangible way. 

One of the unintended consequences could be a reduction in the Welfare rolls, as those that sit on the dole may finally have the incentive to earn more in the labor market. 

Social Security (SS): The latest estimate of this program going broke and becoming unsustainable is 2034. (link below) I don't want to take away SS, but we have to wean ourselves off this Ponzi Scheme.

            I would put forth Legislation that would allow for those:

Close to Retirement-(48-67 at the Time of enactment): to have the government continue with the Program as is or Opt for a Government purchased annuity in the private market, of your choosing, based on balance paid in. Reducing the SS rolls as much as possible. Employers continue paying the 6.2% Matching contribution.

 Mid career-(28-47 at the Time of enactment):  Government purchased Annuity in the private market of your choosing, based on balance paid in. No longer make contributions but responsible for supplementing own retirement with 401K, Roth IRA, Annuity, and Mutual Funds from the Private Market, employers' will still pay the match 6.2% to the SS fund to ensure our retirees are still funded, until Employee reaches age 48, ensuring that the experienced employees hold value in the market place.

Working Youth-(16-27 at the Time of enactment): Receive a One Time Check from SS based on what they have paid in. It can be used for anything they wish, down payment on home, retirement nest egg or a much needed vehicle. No Longer have SS removed from Checks, but responsible for Retirement plans. 401K, Roth IRA, Annuity plans and Mutual Funds from Private markets. Employers' not responsible for SS match on these employees.

This will End the Ponzi scheme in two generations and place the responsibility of retirement back into individuals hands, with less dependence on the government. I promise any financial adviser worth his salt, could have gotten us a better return on investment on the 6.2% than the one we receive from SS.

Immigration: We are a Country of immigrants, our greatest asset is our diversity of knowledge, skill and experiences. Building a "Wall" doesn't address the "why" it only barely address the "how". We have been made promises, for my entire life that the politicians would fix this, however they continue to just put one band aid, over another and never address the "why".

 How about we reform immigration in a way that made America the best new country in the world. We need to return to the Ellis Island system of Immigration. I propose opening Ellis Island like facilities, in addition to other designated locations along any border state that may require such facility.(i.e. Gulf of Mexico, San Diego, Washington State, Niagara falls)

 These facilities would be responsible for health screenings, running background checks and issuing Green Cards. Immigrants would be immediately deported if convicted of violent crimes. After(5) five years immigrants would be able to apply to become a naturalized citizen, if they so choose.

Health Care: Why does the laser eye surgery and plastic surgery markets enjoy better technology and lower cost, than the regular medical services? They have to compete for customers; and therefore are more likely to offer advanced technology and services at lower cost to attract customers.

 I know, some will freak out about wanting to turn all the medical services over to the consumer driven market, but that is exactly what we had before Insurance and Government interfered with the Doctor/ patient relationship, essentially becoming the buyer of services and leaving the patient out of the decision making process for treatment.

This action added cost to the doctors services, because in order to collect their pay, the Doctors had to hire administrators, to file all the necessary paperwork to collect. These administrators have  "zero value added" to the doctors services, they only add cost. How do I know returning to a model that removes government and insurance interference will be cheaper? We have a couple working examples in Ft Worth and Oklahoma.

Surgery Center of Oklahoma, doesn't accept Insurance or Medicare they are Cash only service provider and their cost are typically 1/15th to 1/20th that of traditional hospitals. Their Pricing is online so use it to negotiate with your insurance/hospital.

The DPC Healthcare model is also a good way to approach this need. This membership model of healthcare is very reasonably priced and can handle close to 90% of regular healthcare needs. Here is a link, check it out for yourself.

NOTE: Neither of these private companies have given any money to my campaign.(I would return it, if they did) I only highlight their services to show that we do have working solutions that operate outside the current paradigm.

The 10 Commandments of Healthcare:

We need consumer-driven healthcare reform. This means returning choices and power to people while driving prices down. Consumers must once again have options that force the industry to compete for their business. Instead of being primarily concerned with who funds, this policy is more concerned with reforming the primary healthcare markets and government-level management of the health care industry. Regardless of how healthcare is funded, we must have lower healthcare costs for consumers. To accomplish this, your future Congressman Kevin Hale would fight for the following necessary actions:

1) Require all providers to have transparent pricing that is simple and easy to understand.

2) Provide a website resource to help Americans find the best and cheapest solutions for their healthcare, including price comparisons between providers.

3) Reform HSA’s (Healthcare Savings Accounts) and make them more accessible to all people.

4) All federal employees, including elected officials will receive the same healthcare plans as the rest of the county.

5) Consumers will not pay more than insurance companies for any service.

6) Allow the importation of drugs, devices, and medical services from other countries. Any foreign medical services must be fully disclosed along with credentials, including where practitioners studied and trained.

7) Allow the purchase and usage of drugs and devices by prescription before they clear the FDA. These products must be clearly labeled as “not FDA approved”. They may advertise approval from other agency’s like Canada’s drug watchdog agency. This provides alternative options to the public that would otherwise not be available.

8) All companies will be held criminally and/or civilly responsible for injuries and deaths that their products may cause.

9) Limit medical and pharmaceutical patents to 10 years without extensions.

10) Lift superfluous and anti-competitive restrictions by the Department of Health and Human Services.


If you really want to make government smaller. Why don't we "Sunset" (Close) some of these outdated, redundant, and layered alphabet agencies.

Here is a Bill,

National Sunset Act:

Upon adoption of the National Sunset Act all agencies – except universities, courts, and agencies established by the United States Constitution – will be abolished on a specific date every 12 years after creation or renewal unless the United States Legislature passes specific legislation to continue its functions.

A 12-member Sunset Advisory Commission oversees the provisions of the National Sunset Act. The commission consisting of five members of the United States Senate and one member from the general public appointed by the Vice President of the United States, and five members of the United States House of Representatives and one member from the general public appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Committee Members are appointed for two-year terms, with half of the commission reappointed on or before September 1 of odd-numbered years. 

The chairman and vice-chairman are appointed by the Vice President and Speaker, and the chairmanship alternates between the Senate and House every two years. The Commission is assisted by an executive director and staff, who review each agency subject to sunset provisions.

Under the process, each agency must perform for the commission a self-review of its roles and responsibilities, including areas where its duties may overlap those of other agencies and the effect of the agency's abolition on loss of federal funding. The self-review must be completed by September 1 of the odd-numbered year before the year when the agency would be otherwise abolished. The commission must then complete its own review by the following January 1 and hold public hearings by the following February 1.

All agencies shall go through the sunset process each legislative session. Constitutionally established agencies are subject to review, but they cannot be abolished under the sunset provisions.

The commission may recommend that an agency be continued in its present form, consolidated with another agency, or abolished, with its duties either eliminated or transferred to other agencies.


Here is a bill already proposed: I would sign on as a Co-Sponsor and work to get this Bill passed. Why have no other Republicans signed on as co sponsors?

A real environmental plan driven by consumers.

Step one HEMP: This wonderful plant can do amazing things and it will also help farmers by providing them a crop with diversity of uses. Allowing them to maximize their profits. 

Imagine if we as consumers began to adopt Hemp products as the preferred median to address our needs.

  We could greatly impact our economy and at the same time have a positive impact on our environment. Hemp has many pro environment traits. Like using half the water of cotton and zero pesticides. Plastics that can bio degrade in 80 days, Concrete that is CO2 negative, can even be used to clean up radioactive and heavy metal contaminants from the soil. Renewable fuel source which will equal less dependence on foreign oil.  

Step Two Nuclear Energy: Good news is we are not dealing with the old school "slide rule" reactors of the 1950's and 60's any longer. The technology has progressed and is far safer and smaller than the past. Here is a good source:

The article below explains why we have to move on Nuclear option as soon as possible. Basically we have already released too much CO2 into the atmosphere and we are going to continue to warm up even if we got to a Carbon neutral position.

Education: No where in the U. S. Constitution does it say that the federal government will provide education. (The Texas Constitution does)

Before the Department of Education our education system was the best in the world, now we barely make the top 20. Results matter and this department is failing. We want parents and teacher to take back their classrooms. We want the local ISD's to choose the curriculum that fits the needs of their students. We want competition in schools too. It will make the public school system better.

We also want to end standardized testing, it is a horrific way to grade teachers and only sets up a paradigm of second class students, for those that don't test well. These test have zero indication of a students future success or failure. Each student is important and each bring unique skills and interest to our society. Lets help those students explore what makes them excited. Only teachers with the authority to set the curriculum can accomplish this. Return the classroom to parents and teachers as they are the most qualified to understand your child's educational needs. We would work to end Standardized testing, then we would work to "Sunset" the Department of Education as it is a bureaucratic waste of our educational funds. Let the States and local counties/parishes keep the money they send to this Department, to meet the needs of their students. 

The Education Eight:

The federal government spends $200 billion a year on education. In addition, 100s of billions of dollars are collectively spent by state government, local government, and individuals. Unfortunately, these massive expenditures do not translate to adequately prepared students who are capable of finding a job. Problematic areas we would like to address include predatory student loans, standardized testing, federally imposed mandates, and unnecessary administration. It is important to remember that special care will be taken to ensure that schools and teachers will not be able to discriminate against anyone, neglect poor communities or students with disabilities.

1) Abolish federal standardized testing and end unfunded federal mandates.

2) Empower parents and teachers to set the curriculum for their individual students.

3) End primary education at the completion of 10th grade. Transition teachers from the 11th and 12th grade to other positions.

4) Replace the final 2 years of primary education with prepaid college, job training, or trade school.

5) Promote remote learning to benefit rural communities and relieve the stress of overcrowded classrooms. This allows for flexibility for both students and teachers.

6) Significantly reduce administrative staff by requiring a maximum administrative staff to student ratio as a condition of federal funds.

7) Reinvest a portion of saved administrative costs back into teachers’ salaries and supplies for the classroom.

8) End predatory student loan lending.


Pro-Vape: Government keeps drawing lines in the sand restricting our freedoms. This is ridiculous for a country of free people.

You are old enough to enlist, but not old enough to Vape? I would fight this tooth and nail. You own your body and ultimately are responsible for what you put in it. 

Abortion: The toughest issue anyone must face. I personally want to see fewer abortions. My campaign is taking a PRO RIGHTS position so we can discuss options that actually lead to fewer abortions, like adoption, surrogacy, and fostering. How can we make these options more accepted, easier to access and less expensive? Why are the other politician not talking about these options; why does it have to be either or pro life / pro choice? Government should not be making decisions about what you do with your body. I just showed that "Prohibition" didn't work in the 1920's and 30's with alcohol, It isn't working with war on drugs. Why do we believe that prohibiting abortion will make it stop? We will only create another dangerous black market. Let us keep those that make their decision, as safe as possible. Stop restricting individual freedom!

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